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Welcome to Spice Up

A Culinary Journey Crafted by Sheetal

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At Spice Up, we believe in more than just serving exceptional North Indian cuisine; we invite you to experience the heart and soul behind our flavors – Sheetal.

Sheetal, the visionary founder of Homemade Curries, embarked on this culinary odyssey in September 2018. Behind her journey lies a tale of resilience and passion, emerging from personal challenges to become a single parent with an unyielding desire to share the richness of her Indian heritage.

Born in India and deeply enamored with its diverse culinary tapestry, Sheetal began Homemade Curries by generously sharing free samples with friends and school moms. From these humble beginnings in her home kitchen, she evolved into hosting Friday night takeaways – an intimate experience that started with a WhatsApp group of 10 and has since flourished into a vibrant community of over 100 loyal patrons.

Homemade Curries became more than just a catering company; it was a movement fueled by word of mouth, leading Sheetal to cater for charity events, functions, and school fairs. Her culinary artistry didn't stop there; she birthed a monthly Supper Club that not only served delicious meals but also created a sense of community for her local area.

The challenges of the COVID pandemic became a springboard for Sheetal's creativity. Seeking larger avenues, she secured a contract with Silverstone (F1), extending her reach to iconic venues like Lords, Farnborough, and Twickenham Stadium. She introduced a weekly curry night in a local pub, captivating more palates.

In 2023, Sheetal fulfilled a dream by establishing Spice Up on Whitton High Street, a restaurant that encapsulates the essence of North Indian cuisine. As you step into Spice Up, know that you're not just entering a dining space but embracing the culmination of Sheetal's journey – a journey that began with a love for her culture and a determination to share it with the world.

Beyond Spice Up, Sheetal's ventures have taken different forms: Homemade Curries, a flourishing catering company; Cafe Arora, a successful cloud cafe; and a vintage Airstream Food Truck for outdoor events. Each venture is a testament to Sheetal's commitment to providing diverse culinary experiences that reflect her Indian roots.

Join us at Spice Up, where every dish is a chapter in Sheetal's story, and every visit is an invitation into the vibrant world of authentic Indian cuisine



The a la carte menu sits alongside a regular changing specials menu to give you a choice of the familiar favourites as well as new and exciting creations.

Enquire about private hire or event catering.

Delivery can be ordered using our delivery partners: JustEats, UberEates, Deliveroo.

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